Emergency Loans

Associated Students currently offers undergraduate student loans. While loans are interest free, an Associated Students administrative processing fee of five dollars($5.00) as well as a BARC office charge of ten dollars ($10.00) per loan application will be assessed. Please note you will only be granted one(1) loan per quarter. Loans will be issued to all eligible applicants during all academic quarters. Reference the chart below for loan amounts.

Amount AS Fee Check Amount Barc Fee Billed to Barc
$200 $5.00 $195.00 $10.00 $210.00
$400 $5.00 $395.00 $10.00 $410.00
$600 $5.00 $595.00 $10.00 $610.00

Amounts: $200, $400, $600. The Associated Students deducts a $5.00 processing fee so the loan checks are made out at $195.00, $395.00, and $595.00.

You must be currently enrolled during the quarter in which you wish to apply for emergency loans. Apply here:

Emergency Loans

Emergency loans can take up to 7-10 business days to process.

There is a thirty(30) day period after the loan is posted to your BARC account to pay it off.

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